Wholesum Harvest had already been growing produce for 60 years when Theojary Crisantes, Sr. learned about the benefits of removing synthetic pesticides and herbicides from the process: healthier products for our customers and safer environments for our workers. That was 30 years ago. Our farming operations have been organic ever since.


Organic foods provide many benefits to consumers. Some studies show they have more antioxidants, less harmful residues and lower health risks than their conventionally grown counterparts.


From the beginning of our organic journey, we’ve remained diligent to find the best ways to grow the best organic produce. We’ve sent our team members to top schools and continuing education courses. We’ve brought in the latest greenhouse technologies to lessen our impact on the planet. We’ve incorporated cutting-edge growing practices — all in support of building the greatest growing environments for produce that is simple, natural and wholesome. What could be better?

Healthier products for our customers. Safer environments for our workers.

Organic agriculture starts with the seed. Vitalis Organic Seeds shares our commitment to organic integrity. This partnership ensures the tomato seeds we use were selected and produced under the highest organic quality standard — and then grown under the highest organic quality standard at our farms. The result? Eco-friendly and more flavorful tomatoes.


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